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Super Mario: The Seven Sages

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Game name: Super Mario RPG: The Seven Sages.
Platform: PC.
Genre: RPG.
Developer: U Division.
Released: 11.06.2010.

A long time ago, when the word was still young, the lad was seperated into seven kingdoms. The Elders of Star Haven foresaw conflict between the kingdoms as the greediness of the people became aparent. These elders requested a meeting with the original rulers of each of the kingdoms. They became Sages, guardians of their respective lands, and were sent back to the world as representatives from Star Haven.

Now, the Sages are long gone but their spirits live on in Seven Monuments. Legend has it that the key to peace with the kingdoms lies in the power of the Sages.

Many have learned of the power that could be obtained by taking control of these objects, and therefore taking control of the Sages. Two unknown villains have been reported sneaking around recently...

-Badge System
-Random battle power-ups a la SMRPG
-Power Suit System (Class changing) with 9 different suits, each with each own special abilities
-Sage Power moves
-Hammer, Jumping, and many other field skills from the Mario series
-Funny dialogue in the ballpark of the M&L and Paper Mario series
-A mash up of all the Mario RPG's, in a sense
-Bowser as a playable character





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