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Lobsel Vith (A theory/essay that really explains nothing.)

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#1 St.Aatos



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Опубликовано 02 Август 2007 - 12:29

Ok, ok I jest. I admit I've been stumped on the identity of this deity (and this might be why I'm always theorizing about it.) So, this little essay/theory doesn't really pinpoint just one entity being the yellow God.

Yeah that's right, I'm starting to think the idea of Incubus/Baphomet being LV might be true. (But my own pride keeps me to the Alessa/Incubator is LV theory.)

Oh, right the essay. It's split into parts to keep it a bit more concise.

Part One: The purpose of Lobsel Vith.

I think the first thing we have to realize is the purpose of the Yellow God. Though this deity has been debated one thing people seem to agree upon at least is that LV is a God of Joy. However what type of joy seems to debated. Some say that LV is the deity of a more fertility type joy, while others believe that it's the joy brought by paradise.

I do believe that Dahlia did worship the Yellow God, but for what reason remains unclear. One thing I've considered is the fact that Dahlia actually wanted a child, but may have had a hard time conceiving. If LV is a God of fertility it is possible that Dahlia prayed to him/her/it to grant her a child.

Another perplexing factor seems to be the name of the Yellow God, how it's name changes from the English and Japanese versions, and how the meanings change. In the English version the name of the Deity is Lobsel Vith which in Mayan means "Bad Vessel of Flesh" or "Bad Cycle of Flesh" However in Japan it's name is Roberusu(sic) Bisu. The Bisu said to mean "to follow the back/tail" (thanks to Burning Man for this info.)

What many people don't know is that there was a real deity called "Bisu" that was an Egyptian deity of fertility, and all things pleasurable. He took on the appearance of a man/dwarf with the head of a lion, and was always depicted in front view and in an attack pose. This was to scare away evil from homes. Bisu soon became a guardian of mothers, families, house holds, and children. He was also said to be summoned when a couple was having trouble conceiving. He was also considered to be both a benevolent God, but also a fierce warrior deity. For this reason people often started to call Bisu a demon.

The similarities between Bisu and Incubus are uncanny. Both are depicted face forward as if ready to attack. Both have rather horrifying appearances, both are warrior like deities, and both contain the body of a malformed human and the head of an animal.

Back to the names.

Unfortunately the two names give a different purpose to Lobsel Vith. One name suggests that LV is a fertility deity, while another name suggests that LV is either a vessel for God, or a deity that is forever accursed to be born as human incarnations. (hence "Bad cycle of flesh.")

So what is Lobsel Vith's purpose? Some have suggested that Lobsel Vith is the one that impregnates Alessa with the deity. Still there is the concept that Lobsel Vith is the Incubator that carries God, and the one that will open the gates to paradise.

So which one is correct?

Part 2: Appearance of the Baphomet.

On one hand we have those who believe that Baphomet is Lobsel Vith. They will be quick to point out that the Incubus (that appears in Silent Hill 1) is actually the God taking the form of Lobsel Vith.

But the Incubus has two words on it's wings. Aroaz and Zaroa. Two words that are a conception of fertility.

"To plant the seed, to conceive the seed."

"To plant the seed, to extract the seed."

One suggests that it is this entity that plants the seed into Alessa, but it's the second phrase that is unclear. If the term is extract the seed, then that could indicate that the entity that is born from Alessa/Incubator is the same one that impregnated Alessa.

In order for that to work however then the entity must be the same in both cases. If Lobsel Vith is the one to impregnate Alessa, then Lobsel Vith must also be the one that is born.

If it's the God that is born, then it must be the God that impregnated Alessa.

But then there's the second set of words. "To plant the seed/to conceive the seed" This seems to suggest that the deity responsible for planting the seed can also conceive the seed.

Part 3: Appearance of Alessa/Incubator (Alizer)

But before Incubus is born we first see Alizer (Alessa/Incubator). Basically this entity looks like Alessa in a white dress and glowing an obscenely bright yellow color of light. Strangely enough this glow isn't always around the "God" or even around Alizer all the time.

Part 4: The Glow (The Glow is Yellow! Long live the Glow!)

So the entity is born. Veterans will be advised to note that several memos state that the God (or the Child of God) is placed into Alessa's womb. However, Alessa doesn't give birth to this Deity by traditional means. Close watching people should be able to notice that as soon as Dahlia announces Alessa's relation to the God that a light appears in Alessa's womb and starts growing until it fuses the two Alessa's back together. What appears in that glow, that had come forth from the womb is Alessa Awakened.

I should note that I've always hated the argument that this person/entity is in no way Alessa. I think that this is Alessa, but she's now been changed quite abit. The basic idea behind someone awakening is that they've gained a higher sense of consciousness. With the act of Alessa awakening she's become what the Order had wanted, a woman that wants to bring paradise.

In the Good endings, Kaufmann throws the aglaophotis towards Alizer. The bottle however does not break on Alizer, but breaks on the glow around her and then disappears. (the glow, not the aglaophotis)

Then Incubus is born sans the glow. But when Incubus dies it disappears in a glow of light, and Alizer reappears.

Hmm something fishy about that.

Finally Alizer gives birth to the new Alessa. As she does the glow contracts from bright to dull, and when the baby is born the glow is completely gone.

Huh...and then Alizer "dies" (in the middle of a Seal of Metatron no less.)

Part 5: The Aglaophotis (does it extract or transform?)

Does the Aglaophotis extract evil from it's host, or does it transform the host into the evil itself? This is another question that might answer who LV is.

Some claim that the Aglaophotis causes Alizer to transform into Incubus. The only problem with this theory as someone once pointed out is that if the Aglaophotis transformed Alizer, then Harry would have believed that the substance would transform Heather into a monster. Harry can be dumb, but I don't think he's that stupid.

Instead it appears that the aglaophotis does transform the glow of light into Incubus. But what happens to Alizer is a mystery. No doubt she probably does disappear somewhere else.


Part 6: Who was Dahlia really trying to summon?

There are three main sects of the Order. The sect of the Holy Woman, the sect of the Holy Mother, and the sect of Valtiel. Coincidentally their are also three deities. God, Xuchilbara, and Lobsel Vith. The sect of the Holy Mother wants to descend the God (Holy Mother.) The sect of Valtiel seems to worship Valtiel as an enitity close to the God, and they act as executioners. Since Valtiel is Xuchilbara then the sect of Valtiel would be worshipers of the Red God.

That leaves the sect of the Holy Woman and Lobsel Vith. It's been stated by a few people that Dahlia worshiped Lobsel Vith. If Dahlia's deity of choice is Lobsel Vith then would it not make sense that Dahlia would want to summon this deity?

In another Red Diary (translated by Burning Man) Joseph Schreiber writes that the Sect of the Holy Woman planned on the resurrection of the God, by placing the "Child God" into her womb.

I have been told that "Child God" is "Child of God" and is the same term used in Japanese for "Jesus Christ."

Part 7: The Holy Trinity/Religious parallels.

The sect of the Holy Woman oddly seems to be a parallel of Christianity. But where are the similarities?

The first might be the churches in the SH3 game taking on the appearance of a Catholic church. The second could be the trinity aspect that both religions share. Christians commonly worship the tribunal. (God the father, God the son, and God the Holy Spirit) are believed to be three aspects of one entity.

I believe the same could be said of God, Xuchilbara, and Lobsel Vith.

Now remember the bit about the Holy Woman sect wanting to place the Child of God in the womb of a holy woman? Remember how this term is similar to Jesus Christ?

In SH3 there are murals in the church that are said to depict Valtiel and Incubus surrounding a central woman figure. Some claim that this is Xuchilbara and Lobsel Vith surrounding the God. However when one looks closer they will see that the woman is being crucified.

As was Jesus.

Again the parallel between the Child of God, and Jesus grows stronger. If we pay heed to this parallel then the Child of God would be Lobsel Vith, and if the Child God and Jesus are depicted in their religions as being crucified/martyred then the woman in the murals is Lobsel Vith.

Part 8. Conclusion

Alas though there may still be things left to learn before we can truly say who Lobsel Vith is. With that ending the Yellow God is one of the following.

Alizer - (Alessa/Incubator) The theory I strongly hold, and will continue to hold.

Baphomet - While I don't fully support this theory, and I didn't come up with it there is enough evidence in my eyes to suggest that this could be plausible.

Alizer/Baphomet - Or if Dahlia's intentions all along were to summon Lobsel Vith then perhaps both Alizer and Baphomet/Incubus is the Yellow God.

Part Never. A note of WTFery

One of the names of the Halo of the Sun is Alizer. However a certain Italian site I stumbled upon lists the translation of Alizer as Alexiel. Personally the only time I've seen the name Alexiel used is in the anime/magna Angel Sanctuary. I have heard that the name is in the Kaballah, but have found nothing of the sort.

Why am I bringing this up? While it may have nothing to do with this theory, and certainly shouldn't be considered canon there is a strong similarity between Alessa (Silent Hill) and Alexiel (Angel Sanctuary) The main one being that both have rebelled against God, and that both are forced to live forever through an endless cycle of life, death, and rebirth.

Just call this a little influence thing.
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#2 Kromy



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Опубликовано 03 Август 2007 - 21:43

Awesome! It's been a long time since I saw such a great stuff from you, Aatos!

Actually, I think the third version from the conclusion is very interesting (not that I think the other two are less interesting). There's another reason I think it's good: in the book 'About Syncretic Religion' we are shown the images of St. Alessa (Alizer) and Incubus (which you insist on calling Baphomet) and then the explanation is given that these two are different appearances of the same deity. Well, this makes the third version is more likely... unless of course the book tells about the main deity specifically (which I think is possible^^) then we have a contradiction, 'couse that would mean that both of these forms (Incubus and Alizer) belong to the main deity and that Dahlia tried to summon just it after all. Just a possibility.
Still I think the third version has a potential to connect everything you've written in one single great theory: for example, if both Dahlia and Alessa believed in the same deity (Lobsel Vith) but imagined it differently (this part would satisfy the supporters of "it's all a delusion" approach since being free from considering all those spiritualistic aspects they would without any problems have their "Dahlia's delusion is projected" and "Alessa's delusion is projected"), then we don't have to choose between the two major views since they both would be right -- one for Alessa and the other -- for Dahlia!

The theory of Alizer being LV is good... still. And you haven't even mentioned the parallels to the angel Raziel which I find most curious (if I remember it right, Razeil has the yellow aura). Anyway, it's good even without it. XD
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#3 St.Aatos



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Опубликовано 04 Август 2007 - 06:10

Actually I can't believe I forgot the whole Raziel thing.

Eh I'm sure I can toss it in there somewhere.

There's another curious thing I noticed too. In SH1 the deity is called either Alessa/Incubator or Incubus, however in SH3 it is known simply as "The God"

I also noticed while viewing some of the models that Amy *nur ein tur* extracted, that the fetus God does in fact look like incubus (only a lot smaller, and encased in yummy red blood jello.) and not Valtiel like I had originally thought.

Odder still is that when Claudia births the God it contains the head of Alessa, the torso similar to Incubus, and the arms similar to Valtiel. Hmmm....

Speaking of delusions of the mind, I'm starting to wonder that if Dahlia and Alessa's worship (consensual or not.) actually caused the town to bring forth not the main deity, but Lobsel Vith.
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